Custom Projects

Take a look at some of the work we’ve done…

We take pride in all of our work and treat each job as if it is our own. Here is a look at some of our past projects.

F250 after building and installing a new transmission cross-member
Mating the roof and new quarter panel together on a Ferrari F430
Ferrari 458 hood after rock chip repairs
1962 Ferrari SWB repaired and painted the entire front end
1962 Ferrari SWB
Reflection of the 62 SWB front end
Before pic of a wrecked Ferrari 458 at the track
About 11 hours into the repair at the track
32 hours after the car was wrecked we had it ready to go again, we replaced both bumpers, fender, door, rocker, quarter, front and rear frame cages and a left rear wheelhouse cage.
Maserati Grandturismo after repairing and painting the driver door
Ferrari California Roof reflection after finishing a deep scratch repair along with refinishing the panel
Ferrari 458 Reflection after repairing some rock chips
Ferrari 430 Quarter panel reflection after repair and paint
Ferrari F430 front end after rock chip repair and paint
Ferrari 458 hood reflection
Ferrari 430 16M hood reflection after Paint
Ferrari 430 16M hood and fender reflection after paint
Ferrari 430 16M after Replacing the left fender, door, rocker and quarter panel along with repairing both front and rear bumpers
Ferrari 430 16M during the repair process
Ferrari 430 racecar quarter replacement
Maserati Grantrusimo quarter replacement and fitup
Ferrari 458 racecar on the frame table getting all the control point aligned and replacing the door and quarter panel
Ferrari 458 racecar jigged up on the frame table
Ferrari 458 racecar before the repair
Ferrari F40 out in the sunlight after I finished the brand new paint
Ferrari F40 I was honored to spray
16M stripe during the layout process on the hatch of a F430
16m stripe after clear
Polishing on the F40 front end
Maserati Grantrusimo straight out of the booth in the sunlight
Maserati Grantrusimo after paint
Reflection on the 360 after paint
Reflection on the front end of the 360
McLaren wheels after paint
Past Project
Past Project
Past Project

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